Progress over the years.

I was looking back at my first year work and it made be realise just how important practice is. I put together a few pieces to show the difference. Of course i do still need a lot more practice but the progress is definitely there.



Honors/ Games proposal

Just a little more from both my Honors project and Games Proposal levels.

  Front Street

Castle entrance and a street which is part of a village.

Honors Project

A little of my Honors Project.

Part of my sketch up level design. The quality of the picture isn’t all that great.

Castle front side view Castle side and back view


So a friends birthday is coming up and i thought I’d paint her a member of one of her favorite k-pop groups. I have no idea which her actual favorite member is though. So I decided to go with Xiumin though he looks more like Suho at the moment to me.

In the picture he’s wearing what looks like a barbwire design necklace which was a pain to draw in detail so I’ve drawn the outline and hopefully once the colour is added it’ll look okay. Same with the bandana. It has a repetitive design, i drew what i could see really.

Here’s the outline

Xiumin Outline

I’ve just started painting. It might take a while as i haven’t had a chance to do much painting in a while. I’m going to try and get it finished before her birthday passes.

Xiuminhairo Xiuminhair  

More Resub

My development work for the Geisha background really could have been better, so that’s what i did.

I sketched out some hairstyles, to see which would fit her best. ( I did use references when drawing some of these )




And here’s a Mushroom sketch for another character.




Resub Work – NextGen Textures

I am sooo glad i managed to get some resubmission work done! I really wanted to show what i could actually do rather then being marked down for rushed pieces of work. I admit my time management skills need a bit of work but I’m working on it and hopefully next year i wont have much resub work to do.

So here’s one of my Nextgen textures.


The cube is the UDK version and the textures i painted are on the left.

A close up of the Textures.



More Textures!

So for most of the level i ended up painting metal! and seeing as i wanted to give it an old look, I thought it’d be best to give it a rusted sort of look, which meant for the last few weeks I’ve been painting rusted metal. It took me a while to get started because i had no idea how to paint rusted metal but i gave it my best shot. I had to look at a number of reference pictures but even then my rusted metal textures looked really bad. So in the end I painted it how i thought it might look. Nothing fancy but it worked and looked good on the meshes. Every single mesh i painted came out with a different rusted look.

Door Lift_Exit Lift_Tube Lift1 LiftBase LiftDoors

It may not look as rusty on here but on the actual mesh’s it looks alot better.

Here’s the Elevator doors with the texture applied.


There’s always room for improvement!


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