More Textures!

So for most of the level i ended up painting metal! and seeing as i wanted to give it an old look, I thought it’d be best to give it a rusted sort of look, which meant for the last few weeks I’ve been painting rusted metal. It took me a while to get started because i had no idea how to paint rusted metal but i gave it my best shot. I had to look at a number of reference pictures but even then my rusted metal textures looked really bad. So in the end I painted it how i thought it might look. Nothing fancy but it worked and looked good on the meshes. Every single mesh i painted came out with a different rusted look.

Door Lift_Exit Lift_Tube Lift1 LiftBase LiftDoors

It may not look as rusty on here but on the actual mesh’s it looks alot better.

Here’s the Elevator doors with the texture applied.


There’s always room for improvement!


UDK Level

Currently working on a group project.

Thought I’d share some of the textures I’m working on.

Lab Floor- Colour Lab Floor Originally painted it in colour then changed it to a grey scale as its the floor texture to an underground Lab.

Lab Wall The Lab Wall. Not to keen on the border at the moment might change it later on if i have time but right now i need to finish the textures on just about everything else in the Lab!

Lab Ceiling Colour Lab Ceiling. The cracks are barely visible going to have to make them a little darker before i hand the final textures in. Thats if i remember.

Cage Wall A couple of assets for the level. The cage’s and wall. There’s a lot of cages in the level. A lot!! So i made one and rather then building loads I’ll duplicate the original and then change it.

Topview A quick sketch up model of the Lab i created. Doesn’t look so big here but once you play through the level you’ll probably be glad it isn’t longer.


These 2 little guys were really fun to paint and they turned out to be cute too.

Buddies Final

Both are a mix of 2 animals. The one on the left is Tiger and Mouse.

The one on the right is Rabbit and Zebra. Would you keep either one as a pet if they were real?

Geisha Background


I forgot about the hand! Will work on that and re upload!


The background is now complete! We do have time later on to re submit so i may change it.

But for now here it is.

Geisha Final

Geisha Lady

For the character design class.

The task is to paint 3 desktop backgrounds.

Here’s one I’ve started. A Geisha lady. In the first desktop background the character must be holding a weapon of some sort. So i decided to turn her parasol into a weapon with blades around the edges as well as a blade like weapon in her other hand, which is behind her back so you don’t see much of that.


Not much left to do other then a few touches on the Geisha as well as the background of course.

I drew way too many creases in her skirt regretted it later when i had to paint it. Came out better then i wanted so i cant complain. As for the top well lets just say it was a good day to paint. Some days i cant seem to paint other days its a simple task.

Mud Box

Yesterday in class was the first time i ever used mud box! I was a little worried that i would suck at using the program but i gave it a shot anyway and played around with the tools, which led me to create this little guy. It was such a fun program to use, i was so into it i didn’t even realise that it was the end of class! Really looking forward to using it again and practicing as much as possible.

MB front and back MB sides

Level Textures! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

A very late HAPPY NEW YEAR! I completely forgot to say it! My bad!

Some textures for the Asian temple level.


Still working on my stone textures but the tiled look came out close to what i was hoping it too so its not too bad!

Floor tile The floor was going to be like this to begin with but it didnt look right once on the actual model so i decided to keep it. I would say it was good practice.

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